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commented 2015-07-31 20:21:10 -0400
Deir Ezzor city is witnessing an aggressive siege done by both of the Syrian regime and ISIS against the families of Deir Ezzor, after what Deir Ezzor city has suffered during four years of the Syrian revolution from destruction which has reached all the cities and villages of Deir Ezzor and after there was a martyr, a detainee, an injured or a refugee in every family of Deir Ezzor city.
Due to the neglection of the situation by every political figures of the Syrian revolution, and especially the one called “Ryad Al-Hassan” representative of the local councils in Deir Ezzor city since 2012 and until now. In “the National coalition of the revolution forces and the opposition” ever since he was chosen for the first time by a narrow circle to represent in the National council.

His contribution in supporting battalions and organizations to gain allegances without turning back to any revolutionary leaderships in Deir Ezzor city at that time as well as supporting branch local councils directly without the knowledge of the Deir Ezzor province’s local council, and at the end continuing to neglect Deir Ezzor despite the current besiege and everything that’s happened to it from destruction, displacement and detainment, and continuing to support military branches and organizations that have joined and still are among ISIS ranks, and they have been a major contributor in the besiege of the city and the maniac acts in Deir Ezzor suburbs.

We are the signers of Deir Ezzor province and the members of former local councils and executive offices and Civil Society parties, revolutionary parties and democratic gatherings, media institutions and educational gatherings, we ask the Syrian revolution institutions, above which is “the Coalition” to lay “Ryad Al-Hasan” off as a representative of Deir Ezzor city’s local councils, Secretary of the political institute and the ambassador of the Coalition in Libia, all because of:

1- Neglecting Deir Ezzor city, which is currently under the control of both, “ISIS” and the heart of international terrorism, “Bashar Al-Assad’s” regime, this neglection which has become obvious in the last period despite “Ryad’s” claims that he’d represented Deir Ezzor city and its councils.

2- The previously mentioned “Ryad Al-Hassan”‘s support to military gathering which has contributed as of late with Deir Ezzor city’s besieging and joined ISIS ranks which forms a clear violation of the values and principles of freedom and equality, which we tried to uphold ever since March 2011 and his clear contribution in strengthening the extremist parties inside the city.

3- His obsecure arrival (Without a local selection by Deir Ezzor city families) to the positions of the National Coalition and his contribution in conflict uprising between the revolution parties inside Deir Ezzor city by fueling parties and gatherings instead of others.

4- Ryad Al-Hassan couldn’t accomplish anything on the province’s level during the long period of representing its local councils at the time when more than 350 thousand people of Deir Ezzor city is still under the aggressive besiege implied by ISIS and Al-Assad, while Ryad hasn’t done any speech or report asking the International Community to intervene.

We demand his dismissal from the National Coalition of revolutionary forces and opposition’s offices and all the political, relief and revolutionary service institutions, and hold him accountable and bring him forth to the court for what he’d done against all he’s supposed to be a guardian to..


1- Karam Al-Hamad “former executive office of Deir Ezzor province member and former head of the media office in the local council of Deir Ezzor city.”

2- Muad Al-Talab “Former member of the local council of Deir Ezzor city”

3- Ahmad Mhidi “former member of the local council – the media office”

4- Hayyan Ibrahim “former member of the local council of Al-I’shara city and a member of revolution coordination association”

5- Ahmad Abboud “Journalist”

6- Ahmad Al-Nouri “A civil society activist”

7- Dr. Anas Al-Mulla “former member of the medical unified office in Deir Ezzor”

8- Dr. Al-Muthannah Al-Issa “Media and relief activist”

9- Abdulhameed Al-Farhan “relief activist”

10- Ali Al-Rahabi “civil activist”

11- Ramy Al-Assaf “member of free lawyers’ association”

12- Wesam Al-Arab, Mohammad Al-Wakkaa "independant journalist

13- Moustafa Al-Issa “Media activist”

14- Khalid Al-Sheikh “Media activist”

15- Mohammad Hassan “Media activist”

16- Dr. Abdullah Al-Sabti “relief activist – medic in the Deir Ezzor suburbs’ field hospitals”

17- Dr. Fakhr Al-Deen Al-Jouri “Former member of the medical unified office in Deir Ezzor”

18- Dr. Anas Al-Ftayyeh “Former member of the medical unified office”

19- Dr. Molhim Al-Hannash “Former member of Deir Ezzor council – and the medical unified office in the free Deir Ezzor area”

20- Karam Al-Yousef “Former local council member”

21- Dr. Mahmoud Shujaa “Former member of the medical unified office in Deir Ezzor city”

22- Mouawiya Al-Kheder “Civil activist and former member of the local council”

23- Eng. Mohammad Dahmoush" Former member of the local council – former head of the management office"

24- Ali Al-Rawi “Defect officer”

25- Mazen Al-Hummada “Member of coordination committees – member of the democratic people’s party”

26- Hani Al-Othman “Civil activist”

27- Wa’el Dahmash “relief activist – former member of a local council”

28- Ali Al-Nouri “Civil and relief activist”

29- Osama Kharaba “Relief and media activist”

30- Ahmad Al-Turki “Civil activist”

31- Omran Al-Naser “Civil and relief activist”

32- Basheer Al-Abbad “Member of the local coordination committees and a media activist”

33- Badee’ Al-Rawi “former member of a local council”

34- Omar Abu Lailah “media activist”

35- The Shiekh Abdul-Aziz Al-Hummada “Civil peace activist”

36- Abdul Mueen Al-Dandal “Media activist”

37- Husam Al-Hummada “Human rights activist”

38- Lamia Sulaiman “civil society activist – Khutowat ‘steps’ gathering”

39- Hani Aasef Shwaikh “Civil society activist – Khutowat ‘steps’ gathering”

40- Dr. Ryad Shhab “former relief activist”

41- Tarek Djmaideh “Former relief activist”

42- Joud Al-Midilji “Media activist”

43- Dr. Imad Al-Mustafa “head of the journalism office in Deir Ezzor city council – supervisor on vaccination for Measles and children paralysis”

44- Omar Al-Adday “relief activist – former head of the social office of the Syrian community in Saudi Arabia”

45- Eng. Al-Munthir Saffan “media activist”

46- Mohammad Aljayyal " Aid Activist"

47- Mouzahem Alsalloum " Civil activist"

48- Mahmoud Alhamad " Former head manager of the education office the local council of Deirezzor city"

49- Ammar Obeid “Civil Activist”

50- Mohammed Anas Hweidi " Member of the relief office of the local council of DeirEzzor city"

51- Ahmed Alnaser “Journalist”

52- Yasser Alhamad " Head of the civil defense office in DeirEzzor province council"

53-Kasem Aleissa “Civil Activist”

54- Bassam Barbandi " Diplomate"

55- Mohemmad Ryad Alloush “civil Activist”

And in case the parties which Ryad Al-Hassan holds his position with to the demands in this statement which transfers the opinions of a wide layer of Deir Ezzor children, we will communicate with all the supportive groups and Syrian-People friendly countries and give out all the information we’ve gathered about the battalions and organizations which Ryad Al-Hassad had supported and still is in “War Crimes” which summerize mainly in the late besiege that was implied on Deir Ezzor city, and their clear and obvious dealing with the anti-revolution and anti-humanitarian ISIS
commented 2015-06-28 09:02:42 -0400
Theodore John Levin’s demand that the Syrian democratic resistance commit now to a specific future political line regarding Israel is very unfair. The Syrian people are now facing a brutal, despotic regime of historic proportions. Freeing their country from that tyranny is priority number one. When that day arrives, as it will inevitably, surely the new leadership of Syria will be open to the ideas of those who have worked and supported it in the dark days of its struggle against the dictatorship. As a Jew committed to justice for all the people of the Middle East, I cannot honestly ask for more. Solidarity speaks for itself.
commented 2015-02-26 09:11:28 -0500
Hi, I urgently need to get some goods to various towns in N Syria such as : Kobani, Derik / Cezire and Sulemaniye how do I do that? Who can I contact, this is a serious matter. The goods are ready to go but various paperwork, logistics and admin problems exist. I need to speak to a senior manager. Thanks
commented 2014-09-11 09:06:58 -0400
I would be very interested to know-if-or when Assad is eventually overthrown-or deposed-would the SNC-be willing to eventually recognize the Jewish state of Israel-as both Egypt, Jordan & some Arab Gulf states have done-assuming if & when a full Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement-is eventually arrived at & agreed on-assuming if both Israel & the Palestinians-are willing to learn from the overall success of the Northern Ireland peace process-as a whole-as I hear that the SNC aim to turn Syria into-a full-scale democracy-& which is also similar to the aims of the Libyan transnational council. Please do let me know what the SNC,s policy
is , regarding future Syrian recognition of Israel, as such.