Who is the Syrian opposition?


In late 2012, the various opposition groups united to form the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces (“Syrian Coalition” or “SC”), which has been recognized by more than 100 countries, including the United States, as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, with President Obama marking the unification of the opposition that it had become “inclusive enough [and] reflective and representative enough of the Syrian population.”

The opposition includes a broad and pluralistic cross-section of Syrian society including Sunni and Shia Muslims, Alawites, Christians, Kurds, Druze, Armenians, and others make up the opposition.  The opposition is united in its effort to topple the regime, though like in other Arab nations, it includes different ideological currents ranging from liberal to Islamist.  Some elements of the opposition are focused on ethnic issues, such as the Kurdish parties, which seek greater autonomy for Kurdish areas in the Northeast.

The political opposition is committed to a democratic vision for future Syria.  It supports, and it seeks the help of the international community in reforming Syria to be a country that respects all citizens’ fundamental freedoms and rights, governs democratically and with accountability, empowers women and minorities’ participation in society, respects and abides by rule of law, fosters an open economic system that benefits the Syrian population, efficiently provides government services, and provides for national security and the geographic unity and integrity of Syria.  

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National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces
Committed to a free, democratic, and pluralistic Syria.