What about the UN’s efforts to bring about a resolution?


The Syrian regime, with help from Russia and China, has used its status at the United Nations to block any meaningful help from the international community to the Syrian people through that body. This is despite wide recognition that the Assad regime does not have the legitimacy to represent the Syrian people and while it is waging an all-out military campaign against them. Additionally Syria has for years been listed as a chief violator of human rights, international law, and treaties.  The UN seat should be transferred to the opposition, which has been recognized as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, and is establishing governance mechanisms in liberated parts of Syria.  The opposition, as the official Syrian delegation, would stop blocking and instead welcome international efforts to provide assistance in building peace, security, democratic governance, and economic redevelopment in Syria.


The UN has been hampered even from delivery of basic humanitarian aid to Syria.  Because the UN cannot work through borders outside of official government control, millions of internally displaced persons have extremely limited access to UN aid and are inclined to flee to neighboring countries, further straining resources and making resettlement more difficult.  As part of supporting the transition from the Assad regime to a democratic government responsive to the needs of its people, the UN can help by recognizing the legitimacy of the SC and agreeing to deliver humanitarian aid through a “humanitarian corridor” to opposition-controlled areas.  In the future, a peacekeeping force may also be required in order to maintain peace and order during the formation of a transitional government. 

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