Syrian Coalition Statement Following Pres. Obama's Speech at West Point

The Syrian Opposition Coalition welcomed President Obama’s announcement today that he will increase support for the Syrian opposition, who offer the best alternative to terrorists and the illegitimate Assad regime. 

The opposition appreciates American support to the Syrian people in their struggle against the Assad regime. Dr. Najib Ghadbian, the Special Representative of the Syrian Opposition Coalition to the United States said, “This additional support highlights the partnership between the United States and the Syrian people in ending the humanitarian disaster and putting Syria on the path to genuine democratic transition.” 

This announcement also follows a recent 25-1 vote by the US Senate Armed Services Committee to authorize a train and equip mission in support of the moderate Free Syrian Army. The Syrian people and the opposition forces stand committed to work with their friends and to expand strategic cooperation in countering the terrorism enabled by the Assad regime in Syria. 

As President Obama alluded, the conflict in Syria does impact American interests. The extremist threat is increasing in Syria as the Assad regime continues to serve as a magnet for terror. There is a convergence of interests between the United States and the future Syria in supporting the Syrian people’s aspirations for freedom and the ongoing efforts by the Free Syrian Army to fight al Qaeda and Iranian backed terrorists. 

Earlier this month, high level meetings took place in Washington between senior administration officials with President of the Coalition Ahmad al-Jarba and a delegation of senior opposition officials. 



For more information contact: 
Oubai Shahbandar
Strategic Communications Advisor
Syrian Coalition
US mobile: +1 347 933 0927


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