Syrian Opposition Welcomes US Congress Vote to Partner in Fight Against ISIS and Assad

In response to the US Congress's vote to partner with moderate Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS, Syrian Opposition Coalition Special Representative to the United States and United Nations, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, made the following statement today:

"The U.S. Congress took an important step in the fight against the ISIS threat with its approval to train and equip Syrian moderate forces on the ground.  We welcome the support and are committed to further demonstrating the credentials of the Free Syrian Army as a reliable and effective partner on the front line against terrorism.

The Free Syrian Army has been fighting terror on two fronts against ISIS and the brutal rule of the Assad regime. The Assad regime’s corrupt and cynical governance and brutal repression are the root cause of the ISIS threat. To defeat ISIS we need a comprehensive effort that tackles both ISIS and the Assad regime, not only militarily, but also financially, politically, and ideologically.  And to prevent ISIS's resurgence, we need moderate, inclusive governance.

Next week, Syrian Opposition Coalition President Hadi Al-Bahra will be in New York for the convening of the UN General Assembly, where he will discuss what the international community must do to defeat ISIS on multiple fronts, remove its root cause – the Assad regime, and put in place the moderate governance that will prevent extremism from reemerging in Syria. The Syrian Coalition is an inclusive, broad, democratic partner working with the international community to achieve these goals."

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