Statement on UNSC Resolution 2165

In responding to the results of today's vote at the UN Security Council, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, Syrian Coalition Special Representative to the UN, stated: 

“Today’s unanimous decision by the UN Security Council to authorize cross-border access to Syrians in need sends a strong signal to the Syrian regime that its calculated policy of siege warfare will no longer be tolerated. If implemented in full, the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2165 has the potential to ensure delivery of urgently needed food, water and medical care to millions of Syrians needlessly suffering from malnourishment, starvation and disease.  But it can only do so if it is implemented swiftly by the UN and its partners.

“We are confident that UN humanitarian agencies and their implementing partners will now use the clear legal and moral precedent provided by UN Security Council 2165 to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches those in need—without Syrian regime consent. The Syrian Coalition and our partner on the ground, the Free Syrian Army, stand ready to facilitate safe, direct access in the liberated areas under our control.

“We also stand ready to facilitate access beyond the four border crossings listed in today’s resolution. International law requires universal access to all Syrians in need. While the Syrian Coalition welcomes today’s resolution, we are gravely concerned that millions of Syrians will remain outside the reach of the UN.  It is therefore incumbent upon the international community and the UN to take further action to provide aid beyond the four crossing highlighted in resolution 2165, as required by UNSC resolution 2139. 

“Should the Syrian regime fail to comply with its legal obligations, including those set out in resolutions 2165 and 2139, the Security Council must pursue further measures under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.”

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