UN Must Move Ahead With Cross-Border Aid Delivery

Dr. Najib Ghadbian, Special Representative of the Syrian Coalition to the UN, stated in reaction to today's consultations at the UN Security Council:

“The Under-Secretary-General’s report offers further confirmation of the Syrian regime’s calculated policy to starve innocent civilians into submission and arbitrarily deny access to life-saving assistance.  The people of Syria need aid, and they need it now. Currently, around 90 percent of aid goes to regime-held areas. The United Nations has the power to provide aid to all areas in need immediately by enforcing UN Security Council 2139 and implementing cross-order access.

“The Syrian Coalition and our partner, the Free Syrian Army, have repeatedly indicated our willingness to support and facilitate cross-border access, and we continue to stand ready to help aid reach all Syrians in need.  A decision by the UN to move ahead with cross-border access—with or without regime consent— would save Syrian lives. Failure to take measures to provide aid across conflict lines and borders only perpetuates the Syrian regime's policy aimed at starving innocent civilians into submission.“
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