Syrian Opposition Calls for UN Chemical Weapon Fact-Finding Mission to Investigate Assad's Hidden Chemical Weapon Stockpile


The Syrian Opposition Coalition calls upon the United Nation's Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to ensure that any fact finding mission sent to Syria to investigate the regime’s use of Chlorine Gas barrel bombs also include a mandate to investigate the regime’s covert chemical weapons stockpile. According to recent news reports, Western intelligence indicates that the Assad regime has not fully declared the entirety of its chemical weapons program to the U.N.  The inspection team in Syria must be provided full physical access to all of the regime’s storage sites. 

In early April, the Coalition sent a letter to the United Nations Security Council stressing that there was “significant reason to believe that the Syrian regime has continued to maintain and deploy illicit chemical weapons in the aftermath of Security Council Resolution 2118’s adoption. “  

In the letter, the Coalition called upon the U.N. to send without delay a monitoring and inspection team to all of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre’s facilities that have played in instrumental role in Syria’s chemical weapons production, storage and deployment.

Ensuring an expanded mandate for the fact finding mission would allow OPCW-UN monitors to gain a more thorough accounting of the regime’s covert chemical weapons stockpiles, and any illicit chemical weapons which may not have been declared by regime authorities.




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