To Achieve Peace in Syria, We Need Civilian Protection

In response to the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2254 endorsing the Vienna process for Syria, the Special Representative of the Syrian National Coalition, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, issued the following statement:

“Today’s resolution is an important first step towards the achievement of a political transition in Syria. But it is just the beginning, and the hard work remains to be done.  If this agreement is to survive first contact with Syrians that have to implement it, then it needs to incorporate the demands of the vast majority of Syrians.  And Syrians have been very clear: they want and need civilian protection, and in particular, they need an end to the indiscriminate aerial bombardment.   They also need the release of Syrian political detainees—in particular women and children—and the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid into besieged and hard-to-reach areas.  To date, all of these demands have gone unanswered—to the detriment of Syrians and the political process.

“Make no mistake: every day that the killing in Syria is allowed to continue, more Syrians will die, and the chances for peace will diminish.  If today’s resolution is to achieve a lasting peace, then world leaders must prioritize the protection of civilians, and provide upfront guarantees that if a ceasefire is not attained or is broken, that effective measures will be implemented to protect those in need.”  


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