Syrian Survivors Tell their Stories

This month, three survivors of chemical weapons attacks and other massacres committed by the Assad regime are traveling throughout the United States to share their stories. Events planned include a briefing on Capitol Hill, testimony at the United Nations, NGO sessions, and community events in cities across the country.

Watch the survivors' testimony at the UN.



Amineh and Heba Sawan are cousins from the Syrian town of Moadamiyeh, where the regime attacked civilians with chemical weapons. Army forces subsequently surrounded the city and laid siege to it, blocking food and aid for more than a year as a means of starving the population into submission. The cousins were part of a group that the Red Cross helped facilitate escape during a humanitarian "pause."  They successfully evacuated, but as it turned out many of the men who escaped with them were detained and in many cases shot at. Military forces continue to blockade Syrian towns, barring entry of food and medicine. These sieges violate international laws which prohibit the use of starvation as a weapon of war.

Anas al-Dabas is from Daraya. In August of 2012, there were 540 documented deaths at the hands of regime forces. Most of those killed were unarmed, and shot execution-style at point-blank range. According to witness accounts, army forces gathered civilians, including men, women and children, and summarily executed them. Attacks such as this are the major cause of the high death toll in Syria, and continue today.

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Bayan Khatib


Press Kit for Media (download)


Public Testimony Dates and Locations

Jan. 17            New York, NY (United Nations)

Jan. 18            Los Angeles, California

Jan. 23            Flint, Michigan

Jan. 24            Detroit, Michigan

Jan. 25-26      Chicago, Illinois

Jan. 29           Boston, Massachusetts

Feb. 1             Houston, Texas

Feb 2              Austin, Texas

Feb 3-4           St. Louis, Missouri

Feb. 2-7          Washington, DC (US Congress)

Feb. 8              Tampa, Florida


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