The Status Quo is Untenable

Following briefings to the Security Council by Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Kyung-wha Kang, and UN Special Envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, the Syrian National Coalition said:

"We appreciate UN efforts to deliver life-saving aid to Syrians, ever greater numbers of whom are in dire need.  But it is clear from the latest UN reports and briefings that UN Security Council resolutions 2139 and 2165 have not had the intended impact on the ground. The appalling, brutal and criminal actions of the Assad regime have devastated our people and the region, and have created dangerous extremism such as ISIS that threatens global security.

Nearly five million Syrians are living in hard to reach areas, including 432,000 in areas besieged by the Assad regime and ISIS. This statistic has not improved since the adoption of resolution 2139 on 22 February, a shameful illustration of the Assad regime's flagrant contempt for and continuous disregard of international humanitarian law.


As winter approaches, the humanitarian situation will get worse.  So we call on the international community, UN agencies and the UN Security Council to ensure the full implementation of the obligations set out in resolutions 2139 and 2165, including taking action to counter non-compliance.  The status quo of allowing gross violations of international humanitarian law and of Security Council mandates cannot stand.  The Syrian people cannot accept more of the same when the 2165 mandate is renewed.


The only lasting solution to the humanitarian crisis is to address the problem at its core.  We need a comprehensive and coordinated effort to empower moderate voices that seek a Syria for all Syrians. The Syrian National Coalition is committed to a pluralistic and inclusive democratic future for Syria.  We are committed to working with UN Special Envoy, Staffan de Mistura, to ensure a lasting political solution to the crisis in Syria."

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