One week after the adoption of Resolution 2139, there is still no progress

Office of the President
National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces
1st March 2014, Istanbul

One week ago the Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2139 “to ease aid delivery to Syrians” and “provide relief from ‘chilling darkness.’ ” We welcomed the display of international consensus against the regime's deplorable blockade of aid into Syria, and against its continued policy of war crimes, such as torture and barrel-bombing. But one week after adoption, this resolution remains just words on a page.  The resolution must be implemented fully and immediately. 

Paragraph 17 of resolution 2139 is clear. The Security Council "expresses its intent to take further steps in the case of non-compliance with this resolution." Should the Assad regime continue to fail to comply with UN demands, we urge the United Nations Security Council to make good on paragraph 17 by taking action to compel the regime to comply. And failing that, we will urge responsible nations to work closely with humanitarian agencies to deliver aid directly across all borders to reach those in need, even without the regime's consent.

There are 3.3 million people in urgent need of assistance in hard-to-reach areas inside Syria.  The overwhelming humanitarian tragedy, and the international consensus to relieve it, provide the legal justification required to act.

The only way sustainably to alleviate the humanitarian tragedy in Syria is to achieve a negotiated political transition that secures the departure of the Assad regime.  We reiterate our call to all nations to join us in actively pursuing this political solution.  

Monzer Akbik, Spokesman for Ahmed Jarba, President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) said, "For too long the regime has broken all international laws with impunity. The Security Council must be ready to apply real pressure to compel the regime to comply.  The Syrian people's ongoing suffering is too appalling to ignore."
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