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Don't Leave Syrians Hungry

A campaign by United Charity, SORIA, Life for Relief and Development, and Syrian Expatriates Organization

“Don’t Leave Syrians Hungry” is a 3 month campaign that will provide Syrians with emergency food rations. The campaign goal is to provide support for 20,000 families inside Syria. These organizations work with local public committees in over 16 areas across the country. With your support, these groups can feed thousands of Syrian families. Tax-deductible in Canada and the US.


To Syria, With Love

A campaign by Syria Relief and Development

This Ramadan, Syria Relief and Development (SRD) will be distributing food baskets to families in need in cities throughout Syria, including Aleppo, Damascus, Daraa, Deir Alzor, Hama, Homs and Idleb. Each food basket contains essentials such as milk, rice, wheat, cooking oil, ghee, lentils, mortadella, vermicelli, pasta, dates, baby formula and more. Just one $50 donation can provide a family with enough food to sustain them for an entire month.

With nearly 7 million Syrians in need, these Ramadan food baskets aim will support countless Syrians this Ramadan and beyond. Tax-deductible in the US.

The following video shows SRD staff distributing pre-Ramadan food baskets to Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan from an earlier project:


Feed Hope, Feed Syria

A campaign by the Zakat Foundation

This Ramadan, the Zakat Foundation asks you to sponsor a food package for a family for $150 or sponsor housing for $300. Click here for a general introduction to the campaign and how to donate.

In addition to these specific campaigns, general donations to the Zakat Foundation this Ramadan will also provide Suhoor and Iftar meals, food vouchers, Eid gifts and clothing, fans, housing, water wells inside internal displacement camps, and carnivals for children. These will be distributed to Syrians in Damascus, Homs, Lattakia, Raqqa, Hama, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. These projects will be undertaken in addition to ongoing medical support, women's care programs, and other long-term projects.

You can donate through their website (zakat.org), through the Syria Cause,  by phone (1-888-ZakatUS), or by mail at:

P.O. Box 639

Worth, IL, 60482

You can also learn more about the Zakat foundation's past and current projects through their Facebook (English, Arabic), Twitter, and website.



A campaign by the Karam Foundation, Maram Foundation, Awaser, & Every Syrian

Four charities are uniting communities in America to help feed those in Syria.

This project covers areas inside Syria, including Daraa, Damascus, Homs,Hama, Idleb, Aleppo, and Albukamal. They provide food baskets, milking cows to families who have lost their breadwinners, and emergency medical supplies for areas that have been severely affected. They will also complete funding for a flour mill in Al-Bukamal that will continue to feed thousands of families long after Ramadan is over.

Communities from Chicago, Houston, New York City, Memphis, Los Angeles, Boston, West Virginia, Pensacola, and more will be fundraising for this cause. If you would like to involve your community in this campaign, please send an email to karamfoundation@gmail.com.

Please support the online campaign by reposting this message:

"One Month, One Cause, One People: Because united, we can achieve anything. #One4Syria"


Donations are accepted by check and can be mailed to: 

Karam Foundation,

230 Northgate #742,

Lake Forest, IL 60045.


Syria: A Higher Priority this Ramadan

A campaign by the Syrian Sunrise Foundation

This video shows the SSF delivering much-needed food, clothing, and medicine to a community in Hama in a previous project.

The Syrian Sunrise Foundation is providing aid in Syria and in surrounding refugee camps this Ramadan. All donations are US tax deductible. Please click the embedded links for more details on each option. Ramadan-specific donation options include:

Ramadan Food Basket ($120)

Family Eid Gift ($75)

Child Eid Gift ($25)

Eid Celebration ($750)

Or you can choose to contribute to an ongoing sponsorship campaign:

Widow Sponsorship ($100/month)

Orphan Sponsorship ($50/month)

Family Sponsorship ($200/month)

Zakat ul-Fitr ($10/person)



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