Pressure on Assad is Critical to Reach Political Solution in Syria

Ahead of today’s briefing by the UN Special Envoy for Syria to the UN Security Council, the Syrian National Coalition’s Special Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, said:

“The Syrian National Coalition is fully committed to a political solution to the Syrian crisis. Four years after the start of the Syrian uprising, our objective remains to negotiate our country’s transition to a democratic, pluralistic and peaceful state for all of its people. This is why we are intensifying our support to local groups on the ground, and why we continue to work in good faith with moderate opposition groups such as the National Coordination Commission for Democratic Change, that share our commitment to a peaceful, democratic Syria.
“Sadly, however, the Syrian regime does not share this objective. To the contrary, Assad continues to believe that he can torture, maim and barrel bomb innocent civilians into submission, just as he continues to believe he can hold on to power, irrespective of the will of his people.

“We therefore continue to call on the international community to stop Assad's barrel bombs in order to place pressure on Assad to stop his relentless pursuit of a military solution to the Syrian crisis. These barrels are now by far the largest killer of Syrian civilians. Stopping them will push Assad and his allies to work towards negotiation and most importantly, save the lives of thousands of civilians across Syria.”

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National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces
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