PRESS RELEASE: President al Bahra welcomes UK support & discusses with London 11 practical steps to end the crisis

Press Release: 10 November 2014

Today President Hadi al Bahra met with British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, and with the senior officials of the Core Group of the Friends of Syria to discuss the ongoing crisis in Syria.

President al Bahra thanked Foreign Secretary Hammond for the UK’s robust support to the Syrian people and the Syrian National Coalition in their pursuit of a free, inclusive and democratic future for Syria.  President al Bahra and Foreign Secretary Hammond agreed that solving the crisis in Syria, including defeating ISIL, required tackling the root cause – the Assad regime.  President al Bahra welcomed the offer of further support – diplomatic and practical – from the UK Government to the Syrian National Coalition and its partners on the ground who have been fighting on two fronts against the tyrannies of the Assad regime and the Islamic extremists.

President al Bahra also met senior officials of the Friends of Syria Core Group to discuss practical steps to end the crisis.  President al Bahra welcomed commitments from the Core Group to strengthen further the Syrian National Coalition and its partners on the ground, including redoubled efforts to change the military balance on the ground.  The Core Group agreed with President al Bahra that the Assad regime should be put under intensified pressure, including through new sanctions aimed at debilitating Assad’s military capability.  Only by pressuring and weakening the Assad regime might a political solution become viable.

Note to Editors:

Tomorrow, 11 November 2014, President al Bahra will continue his visit to the UK by focusing on the on-the-ground situation in Syria and the needs of the Syrian people.  This will include meetings with the UK International Development Secretary, UK Parliamentarians, civil society groups and the local Syrian community.


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