President al Bahra concludes UK visit having agreed next steps in fight against ISIL and its root cause – the Assad regime

Press Release: 12 November 2014

Today, the President of the Syrian National Coalition, Hadi al Bahra, met Directors of humanitarian International NGOs to discuss ways to alleviate the worsening humanitarian crisis in Syria.  The President thanked the NGOs for their brave efforts to help the Syrian people despite the challenging environment on the ground.  The President emphasized the urgent need for the international community to support NGOs to intensify the delivery of aid through UN and non-UN routes across Syria’s borders so it reaches the millions of Syrians starved of vital aid by the Assad regime.

The President also took part in roundtable discussions with leading academics, policy officials and think tanks on the need for a comprehensive political and military plan to bring the crisis and suffering to an end by defeating extremism and its root cause – the Assad regime.

These meetings concluded President al Bahra’s UK visit, during which the excellent bilateral relationship with the UK was strengthened further.  During the visit, the UK Government and the 11 members of the Core Group of the Friends of Syria committed to further steps to support the Syrian National Coalition in its fight against the tyrannies of ISIL and the Assad regime, as well as further support to alleviate humanitarian suffering.  Agreed steps included further diplomatic and practical support, new sanctions aimed at debilitating the Assad regime’s military capability, and intensified efforts to ensure the flow of aid across Syria’s borders at the required scale through both UN and non-UN channels.

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