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Representative to the United Nations
Ms. Jalabi is the Representative of the Syrian Opposition Coalition to the United Nations in New York. She is also a founding member of the Syrian Women's Political Movement. She has led the Syrian Opposition’s diplomatic engagement with the Permanent Missions to the United Nations, UN Department of Political Affairs, and Office of the UN Secretary-General. Ms. Jalabi’s advocacy and leadership at the United Nations has proven instrumental in framing that narrative on Syrian with the UN community.Ms. Jalabi has served as a member of the Women’s Advisory Committee to the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) and was a founding member of the Syrian Non-violence Movement (SNVM). Ms. Jalabi holds degrees in Political Science from McGill University and from FIT in New York, and is a Master’s candidate at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs.
Chief of Staff
Oubab Khalil is the Chief of Staff for the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces’ US offices. A Syrian attorney and businessman, Mr. Khalil has a degree in Law and Business Administration from the Beirut Arabic University. He was active in the Day After Project, a cooperative movement by members of the Syrian opposition to outline a plan to rebuild the country and end the Syrian conflict once Bashar al-Assad is ousted from power. Mr. Khalil was elected and served on the Boards of the Syrian Expatriates Organization and the Syrian Support Group. He recently participated in the “We Are All Syrians” Conference in Cairo.
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You don’t have any contact infromation on the website. How can I get in touch with the embassy if I have any questions?
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