Systematic use of Chemical Weapons by Syrian regime demands decisive UN Security Council action

6 January 2015

In response to today’s UN Security Council consultations on the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2118, the Special Representative of the Syrian National Coalition to the United Nations, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, said:

“Today’s briefing by the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs demonstrates that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime continues to be a serious problem that necessitates firm UN Security Council action. There is no doubt that the Assad regime continues to use illegal chemical weapons to injure, terrorize and kill innocent civilians. More than a year after the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2118, Assad’s deadly use of chemical agents has been both systematic and repeated. And yet, Assad’s illegal actions have still not been answered with an adequate response by the UN Security Council.

Anything less than the full and complete destruction of Syria’s illegal chemical weapons program will leave innocent civilians less secure and will heighten the risk that deadly chemical agents may fall into the hands of terrorist groups like ISIS.  To prevent the further use of chemical weapons in Syria, the Syrian National Coalition demands the full and immediate implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2118, including the imposition of measures under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, as required by UN Security Council resolution 2118.”

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