Syrian Coalition Stands Ready to Partner with US Efforts to Defeat ISIS



"We welcome U.S. President Barack Obama’s focus on tackling the global threat posed by ISIS, and in particular his plan to strike ISIS in Syria, and to provide greater support for the moderate Syrian opposition.  We are those partners on the ground who are fighting extremism on the front line in Syria, to which President Obama referred.

Syrians, tragically, know the threat of ISIS all too well, as ISIS has been terrorizing Syrian civilians, and the Free Syrian Army has been fighting ISIS, for over a year and will continue to do so.

"The brutal rule and corrupt governance of the Assad regime are the source of the terrorist problem in Syria, as the regime generated the conditions for ISIS to become the global threat that it is today. To defeat ISIS we need a comprehensive effort that tackles both ISIS and the Assad regime as its root cause. This requires airstrikes backed up by proper training and equipping of moderate Syrian forces so that they can win the fight on the ground against ISIS and defend civilians from the Assad regime.  The long-term solution will only be reached by acheiving a transition from this dictatorship to democratic and inclusive governance that will stave off extremism and prevent its resurgence over the long term.

"Syrian Opposition Coalition President Hadi Al-Bahra will be in New York for the UN General Assembly session later this month, where he will be discussing what the international community must do to eliminate ISIS and its root cause."

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