Madaya Needs Unhindered, Unconditional and Immediate Access

Next Monday afternoon, the Security Council will discuss the dire situation in Madaya.

In response to today's announcement by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA) that the Assad regime had belatedly approved the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Madaya, the Special Representative of the Syrian National Coalition to the United Nations, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, submitted another letter to the Security Council on the need for immediate access to the town. The letter reiterates the Syrian National Coalition's call for drone-delivered airdrops of humanitarian aid. It also calls on the Security Council to:

  1. Ensure that UN agencies and humanitarians have immediate, unhindered, unconditional and sustained access to all areas of Madaya, as required by Security Council resolutions 2139 (2014), 2165 (2014), 2191 (2014) and 2258 (2015);
  2. Monitor closely the ongoing developments in Madaya, and ensure that any attempt by the Syrian regime to deny or hinder access be met with clear consequences;
  3. Demand the enforcement of Security Council resolutions 2139 (2014), 2165 (2014), 2191 (2014) and 2258 (2015) and instruct UN agencies to demand the delivery of aid to besieged and hard-to-reach areas, irrespective of Syrian regime consent;
  4. Condemn in the strongest terms the Assad regime’s deliberate starvation of innocent civilians in Madaya, and make clear that starvation is not a tool to be employed at the Assad regime’s discretion. 

For a full copy of the letter, press here.

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