The Situation in Kobane

On the worsening situation in Kobane, the Syrian National Coalition said:

“The situation in the besieged city of Kobane is of great concern.  Life-saving humanitarian aid drops have brought some relief as they face ISIS’s malicious assault.  The forces defending this area against ISIS have our full support.  They are sacrificing their lives as the world’s first line of defence against these extremist forces.

Our forces are fighting on multiple fronts and are under-equipped.  While the international community targets ISIS in Kobane, the Assad regime has systematically intensified its terror across Syria, in particular barrel bombing of and chemical attacks on civilians in opposition held areas in Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta. Assad’s goal is clear: to be the last one standing by wiping out Syria’s moderates while the international community seeks to destroy ISIS.  But there can be no defeat of ISIS without ensuring a moderate future for Syria.

The Syrian National Coalition and our partners on the ground the Free Syria Army are the only hope for securing the moderate future that Syrians deserve and that will ensure there can be no resurgence of extremism.  We remain committed to our fight against ISIS and its root cause – the Assad regime.  But we urgently need greater support to prevail over the multiple fronts which we are fighting.”

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