Free Syrian Army Commits to Protecting Syrian-Armenian Christians, All Civilians

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Oubai Shahbandar


The Defense Ministry of the Syrian Interim Government confirms that all the units of the Free Syrian Army that are participating in the liberation of the coast, especially in the area of Kasab and its countryside, are committed to the protection of civilians and their properties regardless of sect and ethnicity.

They pledge their commitment to the protection of citizens of Armenian descent and to maintaining the integrity of their religious sites and protecting them from the criminal regime’s attacks and use of indiscriminate fire, which continue. The regime has deliberately bombed these areas and accused the rebels of it. The Free Syrian Army battalions in these areas are helping civilians relocate, if they wish to do so, by providing safe corridors and protection en route.

The Free Syrian Army has also assigned patrol units to work around the clock to protect the lives and property of all citizens of Armenian descent and any others who wish to stay in and around Kasab.

All rumors of the Free Syrian Army harming our brethren from the Armenian community are pure slander fabricated by the regime and its allies. The Defense Ministry and the head of the General Command will ensure the proper implementation of all safety procedures and provide all the assistance required to achieve this.


Issued on: 2014.3.27

Minister of Defense,

Asaad Mustafa

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