Syrian National Coalition condemns Assad’s indiscriminate airstrikes

3 February 2015

In response to the Assad regime’s 2 February indiscriminate airstrikes across Syria, the Syrian National Coalition’s Representative to the Benelux and EU, Mouaffaq Nyrabia, said:

“The Syrian National Coalition strongly condemns the indiscriminate airstrikes by the Assad regime across residential areas of Syria on 2 February.  According to independently verified figures, airstrikes in Daraa and Douma killed at least 44 Syrians, and wounded more than 100.  This is the latest in the continuous deliberate targeting of urban built-up areas by the Assad regime that has left a trail of destruction across Syria.

International law is very clear.  The indiscriminate use of force, including the regime’s continued use of barrel bombs, is illegal. Those responsible for these actions must be held to account, and must be the focus of new sanctions, including by the European Union.

The Syrian National Coalition urges the international community to take action to stop the Assad regime’s ongoing deadly use of airstrikes against innocent Syrians. The US-led coalition’s campaign against ISIL forces inside Syria has focused narrowly on the threat posed by terrorist groups, while failing to address the root cause of extremism – the Assad regime. We call upon our international partners, including in the European Union, to ensure the safety of Syrian civilians, including providing protection and safe passage for the delivery of much needed food and aid to millions of Syrians.”

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