Immediate US Military Assistance Needed to Stop ISIS Advance in Aleppo

The Islamic State and Regime Forces Blaze Duel Path of Destruction Toward Syria’s Second Largest City


FSA fighter using US-TOW missile; Source: VICE

The key city of Aleppo is on the verge of being crushed in a two-front attack: the Islamic State army on one side, and the forces of dictator Bashir al-Assad on the other.

Regime troops and the hard line fanatics of the Islamic State army are encircling Aleppo in an attempt to capture the city from the US-supported Free Syrian Army.

“While international attention is focused on the Islamic State’s brutality in Iraq, the largest terrorist army in history continues to crucify, torture and execute civilians in Syria,” said Oubai Shahbandar, a senior strategist for the Syrian Coalition based in Washington.

An army of thousands of enemy fighters is pushing toward Aleppo, as of Wednesday capturing three towns and on the verge of conquering two more on its campaign to attack Aleppo city itself.

From another direction, the army of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is marching on Aleppo, preparing to lay a siege to trap and starve civilians.

“The FSA needs an immediate surge of military aid in Aleppo, or the city and its residents will be obliterated,” Shahbandar said.

Elsewhere on the Syrian battlefields, American TOW missiles are a game changer.

In a video posted on VICE and NBC News, the FSA is shown successfully using US provided TOW missiles to destroy enemy tanks. The sophisticated weapons are helping the U.S. backed FSA to gain ground.

The FSA is proving its use of sophisticated US weapons to be effective and responsible.



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