FSA Southern Front Declaration of Principles

We announce our commitment to our principles and to serve our country Syria, and we pray to god and work to put an immediate end to this strenuous ordeal, to allow the all Syrian, detainees, displaced, and refugees safe to their homes in Syria.

The principles are:

  • We fight to bring down the dictator regime in Syria, and put an end to the repression for the all Syrian women and men.

  • We fight for Syrian women and men to posses their own usual and legal rights as defined in the International Bill of Human Rights

  • We fight for Syrian women and men to elect free democratic regime, puts foundations for prosperous state that respect the Syrian aspirations for the freedom and dignity the fought for.


And here we sign:

Special missions brigade of Kalamoun

March 18 Squad

Artillery troops

Special Forces

Infantry Squad 24

Special forces Squad 16

Brigade of Hawran Ababel

Alwaleed Grandchildren Brigade

Ahl Alsunna Brigade

Ahrar Nawa Brigade

Ahrar Yarmouk Brigade

The first Brigade

Alhak Brigade

Freedom Martyrs Brigade

Alkarama Brigade

Almoutasem Bellah Brigade

Hwaran United Battalions Brigade

Alfurkan Brigades

Asefat Aljanoub Brigade

Asoud alsunna Brigade

Fajr Alisalm Brigade

Ghuraba Kalamon Brigade

Alhabib Mohammad Brigade

Homs alawaleed Brigade

Ansar AlIslam Brigade

Muhajreen alansar Brigade

Mhajreen Alghouta Brigade

Kalamour Tahtani 53 Squad

Haramen Sharifen Brigade

Jaidour Brigade

Special Forces Brigade

Amoud Hawran Brigade

Sham Rebellion Brigade

Military Council of Qunaitera

Salahuddien Brigade

Saif Alsham Brigade

Shabab Alsunna Brigade

Martyr Nabeel alamian squad

Martyr Raed Almasri Brigade

Islam Martyrs Brigade

Damascus Martyrs Brigade

Douma Martyrs Brigade

Hawran Martyrs Brigade

Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade

Syrian Rebellion Front

Tabarak alrahman Brigade

Tahrir Alsham Brigade

Tahrir alsham troops

Tawheed Alasema Brigade

Asood Alislam Brigade

Yarmouk Brigade

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National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces
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