Free Syrian Army Fights Back Against ISIS Forces in Damascus

Successful Use of U.S. TOW Missiles Helps Moderate Free Syrian Army Gain Ground

Launching a strategic offensive against radical Islamist terrorist forces and their enablers, the Free Syrian Army has expelled ISIS from two Syrian cities, and is forcefully pushing back against al-Nusra extremists in northern Syria. The Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Opposition Coalition have openly declared their rejection of al-Nusra and its militant Islamic ideology.


FSA fighter using U.S. TOW missile in Morek, Syria
Source: Twitter @TahrirSy

In fighting this week in Morek, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), armed with U.S. TOW missiles, defeated terrorist forces and regime-backed militias on the battlefield, chasing them from their strongholds.  

In battles in Damascus, the FSA defeated ISIS forces, expelling them from sections of the capital. As a result, ISIS no longer has a strong presence in the Damascus area, and no longer have any bases in Eastern Ghouta. 

The FSA is fighting to eradicate ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates—enemies of the Syrian people and the United States—from their bases. With U.S. support, and the use of American TOW missiles the moderate opposition’s fight against terrorism can be won.

In another development, defected regime diplomat Bassam Barabandi has recently revealed how the Assad regime actively facilitates and supports Jihadist armies intent on establishing a hard line Islamic state.

In the fight to destroy the international terrorist armies that threaten the U.S. and Europe, protect civilians from extremist forces, and put an end to regime atrocities, the FSA needs U.S. anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to win.


Oubai Shahbandar
Strategic Communications Advisor
Syrian Opposition Coalition
Telephone:  347-933-0927

For information on Assad's facilitation of ISIS, read a defector's account: 
Inside Assad’s Playbook: Time and Terror

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