Free Syrian Army and Activists take on Al Qaeda in Eastern Syria

More Reports Emerge on Assad Collusion with Al Qaeda 


Syrian activists have declared Friday a day of protest against Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Over the last week the people of Raqqa have stepped up their protest against Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). There has been widespread civil action called for today around the city and the people have named the Friday ‘Cleansing Raqqa from the Gangs of Baghdadi’ (ISIS leader). The Free Syrian Army, lead by the Raqqa Revolutionaries Brigade, are actively fighting Al Qaeda in Raqqa and have recently killed many major Al Qaeda commanders in that area. 

“ISIS is the enemy of the Syrian people and the enemy of our Revolution”, said Monzer Akbik, Chief of Staff to the President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition. “The Syrian people see ISIS and the regime and two sides of the same coin. Connections and cooperation between this group and the regime are well-known within Syria, there is overwhelming evidence that supports this. We wholeheartedly support the Syrian peoples’ fight and call the West to view the FSA as their counter-terrorism partner in Syria.”

The Syrian opposition's stance is in stark contrast to the Assad regime's involvement in facilitating ISIS activity.  As recently reported by the London Times and Channel 4 "Regime officials are alleged to have penetrated the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), and helped hundreds of Iraqi Shia fighters to obtain false identity papers so they could enter Syria...according to leaked documents."  The Channel 4 report added that, “Hundreds of foreign fighters are falling prey to a suspected pact between President Assad and the extremist group the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).”

 Link to the Facebook page of the anti-ISIS protest:

Link to Channel 4 report on Assad infiltration of ISIS


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