Increasing pressure on Assad and ISIS are interlinked priorities

In response to the EU Foreign Affairs Council and announcement of new EU sanctions against the Assad regime, the Syrian National Coalition said:

“We welcome the European Union’s decision today to adopt new sanctions targeting the Assad regime.  The decision demonstrates the importance of combating the regime’s brutality as part of the solution to the Syria crisis, including the ISIS threat. These sanctions directly target Assad’s inner circle and individuals and entities who are providing practical support to the Assad regime to kill defenceless Syrians every day.  As reiterated by EU Foreign Ministers, Assad remains the root cause of the crisis and the growth of extremist groups such as ISIS.  That is why the international community’s pressure on Assad is an essential part of the fight against ISIS.

We particularly welcome the EU’s decision to impose a blanket ban on the export of aviation fuel into Syria and call for this measure to be implemented urgently.  Assad's fighter jets and helicopters use this fuel to indiscriminately and unlawfully attack ordinary Syrian with barrel bombs and chlorine gas, as documented in the latest UN OPCW report. Any member of the international community that facilitates the export of aviation fuel to Syria must know that their actions cost innocent lives.  The EU must therefore also sanction Russian and Iranian companies that facilitate weapons and funds used in the killing and repression of our compatriots inside Syria.

The Syrian National Coalition stands ready to support the EU with this effort as part of our comprehensive strategy to defeat extremist and repressive forces and bring about a political settlement to the Syrian crisis.”

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