Syrian National Coalition welcomes European Parliament resolution on Syria and calls for greater support to the Syrian people

12 February 2015

The Syrian National Coalition welcomes today's European Parliament resolution on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The situation continues to deteriorate ever more rapidly, despite the European Union's generous humanitarian contributions.  The terror unleashed on the Damascus suburb of Douma is the latest atrocity in four years of the Assad regime's relentless brutal and bloody repression of Syrian civilians.

Over the past week - while Assad sits in his palace lying to the BBC about his proven crimes - his planes and helicopters have indiscriminately bombed the women, children and men of Douma.  At least 200 people have been killed in one week, many by barrel bombs. Decades of Assad dictatorship and oppression have been an incubator for extremism.  And Assad's direct actions - including releasing extremist leaders from jails and financing ISIL by buying its stolen oil - have unleashed a threat that terrorises Syrians, the region and the world. It is clear that ISIL will only be defeated when Syria is free of Assad's scourge. 

Speaking after the resolution was adopted by the European Parliament, the Syrian National Coalition Representative to the EU, Mouaffaq Nyrabia, said “The international community has put much effort into addressing the consequences of the crisis in Syria. But far more must be done to tackle the principal cause - the Assad regime. The Syrian National Coalition urges the international community to intensify its support for the Syrian people.  We need urgent protection from Assad’s airforce, and the training and tools to defeat the regime and the extremists it has bred." 

“The vast majority of Syrians want neither the terrorists nor the tyrant.  Instead we want the same fundamental freedoms and democratic values enjoyed across Europe.”

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