Syrian National Coalition Urges Aid Donors to Meet Commitments

4 December 2014

In response to the World Food Program's announcement of suspension of food aid to Syrians, the Special Representative of the Syrian National Coalition to the United Nations, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, said:

"This week's suspension by the World Food Program (WFP) of its Syrian refugee food assistance puts around 1.7 million Syrians in even greater danger. In the absence of urgently needed food and water, the health and safety of tens of thousands of families will be imperiled.  This hardship can and must be prevented.

The international community has an obligation to fulfil its pledges to WFP. Billions of dollars have been promised to bring relief to the Syrian people. Unless donors deliver on their commitments, millions of innocent Syrian civilians will be further endangered.

But WFP must also ensure that it maintains the confidence of its donors to guarantee its funding.  Donors expected to see WFP and other UN agencies deliver aid at large scale across Syria’s borders as authorized by UN Security Council resolution 2165. Millions of Syrians depend on this cross-border aid.  But agencies have not made full use of the resolution’s mandate.  It is essential that UN agencies act without delay to implement resolution 2165 in full.  This life-saving action will increase donor confidence and in turn help WFP and the UN as a whole deliver across all of its Syria programs, including those delivering assistance to Syrian refugees."

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