President al Bahra discusses resolution to Syria crisis with Danish Foreign Minister

5 December 2014

Today President Hadi al Bahra met Denmark's Foreign Minister, Martin Lidegaard, in Copenhagen to discuss solutions to the devastating crisis in Syria.

President al Bahra thanked Foreign Minister Lidegaard for Denmark's strong and consistent support to the Syrian National Coalition in its pursuit of a free, inclusive and democratic Syria for all Syrians.  President al Bahra and Foreign Minister Lidegaard discussed a comprehensive plan to defeat the threat posed by ISIL in Syria while in parallel addressing the root cause of extremism - the Assad regime, including through further EU sanctions.

Both agreed the need for continued support to the moderate Syrian opposition as the only credible alternative to the Assad regime. President al Bahra thanked Denmark in particular for its support to governing structures in opposition-held areas inside Syria, such as training for Civil Defence teams and the Free Syrian Police.

President al Bahra and the Foreign Minister discussed the worsening humanitarian situation and the World Food Programme's decision to suspend - due to lack of funding - its food voucher scheme to Syrian refugees. President al Bahra stressed the international community's responsibility urgently to address the humanitarian funding shortfall and for donors to fulfil their pledges. The President also underlined the obligation of the UN and its agencies to make full use of the mandate provided by UN Security Council resolution 2165 to deliver aid at scale across Syria's borders.

As part of his full programme of meetings in Copenhagen, President al Bahra also met the Speaker of Denmark's Parliament as well as Members of Parliament's Foreign Policy Committee to discuss practical steps to end the crisis. These meetings concluded a successful visit to Denmark and reaffirmed the strong support from a key EU member state to the Syrian National Coalition and the Syrian people.

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