Syrian Opposition Statement on Anniversary of Sarin Gas Attack in Damascus


Syrian children killed by Assad Sarin Gas attack Aug 21,2013 (courtesy @RevolutionSyria 

On the one year anniversary of the Assad regime’s mass chemical attack against civilians that killed over 1,300 people, including 500 children, Syrian Opposition Coalition President Hadi al-Bahra today called upon the international community to hold the Assad regime accountable for that attack and for the ongoing atrocities and war crimes which his forces continue to commit.   

Mr. al-Bahra said, “The world must never forget what happened that day. The Assad regime continues to kill civilians en masse with impunity, including through the use of chlorine gas. Assad retains the ability to produce these deadly nerve agents and likely has undeclared stockpiles in reserve.” 

The U.S. government stated on Tuesday that “serious questions remain with respect to the omissions and discrepancies in Syria's declaration to the OPCW and about continued allegations of use."

In May, the Syrian American Medical Society published a detailed report on the Assad regime’s continued use of gas attacks (link:

Dr. Najib Ghadbian, Special Representative of the SOC to the US, said:

“On this anniversary of the chemical weapons attack on Ghouta we must
honor the lives lost by doubling our efforts to create a lasting
solution for Syria. The world must unite behind a comprehensive
approach for Syria that enables pluralistic, moderate governance to
take root and supplant the toxic mix of the Assad regime and ISIS. We
call on the UN Security Council and our partners to support our
efforts by empowering the moderate opposition to take on this charge.”

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