Action Needed to Stop Assad’s Use of Chemical Weapons

6 March 2015

In response to the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2209 (2015) on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, the Special Representative of the Syrian Coalition to the United Nations, issued the following statement:

“Today’s adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2209 again confirms that the Assad regime used and continues to use chemical weapons against its own people.  Despite the efforts to rid the Syrian regime of its heinous chemical weapons, it continues to conceal them and kill with them. Action, not words, is needed to prevent Assad from continuing his brutal slaughter.

“With every month that passes, Syrian regime forces launch new chemical weapons attacks. Last month alone, the Syrian Civil Defense documented two separate attacks on 21 and 23 February in Hayan and Haraytan by Syrian regime forces that resulted in civilian deaths. Had the Security Council properly enforced UN Security Council resolution 2118, these deaths could have been avoided.  
“Since the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2118 the death toll in Syria has doubled from 110,000 to over 220,000 people. The Security Council has the power to impose globally enforced sanctions and other measures to ensure an end to chemical and conventional weapons attacks in Syria. To date, it has failed to exercise its authority.  Now, as the conflict enters its fifth year, words are not enough. It is time for the Council to act.”

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