Accountability Needed for Syrian Regime's Chemical Weapons Use

In responding to today's Syria consultations at the United Nations Security Council, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, Syrian Coalition Special Representative to the UN, stated:

“Today’s UN Security Council consultations on Syria underlined the urgent need for the UN-OPCW Joint Mission to verify the full destruction of all suspected chemical weapons facilities and storage sites in Syria—including but not limited to Syria’s declared chemical weapons arsenal.  It is imperative that outstanding discrepancies regarding the Syrian regime’s initial declaration are clarified and fully accounted for. Any attempt by the Syrian regime to hide or retain chemical weapons and/or production facilities must be met with immediate and decisive action by the UN Security Council, as required by UN Security Council resolution 2118. 

“First and foremost, however, the UN Security Council must take immediate steps to stop the Syrian regime’s ongoing use of both chemical and conventional weapons against civilian population centres. While the OPCW has acknowledged that toxic agents have been used in a “systematic manner”, there has to date been no accountability for these crimes.  Nor has there been accountability for the Syrian regime’s reliance on deadly barrel bombs and illegal cluster munitions.  As a result, the Syrian regime has escalated its use of conventional weapons and continued its use of chemical weapons in residential areas at will.  If lives are to be saved in Syria, then the UN Security Council must end impunity for the Syrian regime’s war crimes and crimes against humanity, and implement in full UN Security Council resolutions 2118 and 2139.”

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