Brahimi’s Briefing Demonstrates Need for Increased Pressure on Assad Regime to Accept Political Transition

For Immediate Release
March 13, 2014

Brahimi’s Briefing Demonstrates Need for Increased Pressure on Assad Regime to Accept Political Transition

Two months ago, the Syrian Coalition participated in Geneva II talks with a clear objective: to end the conflict in Syria and support our country’s transition to democracy. The Coalition sought to secure the full implementation of the Geneva Communiqué, beginning with the establishment of a Transitional Governing Body, while the Assad regime sought to contest and challenge the nature of the talks at every moment.

“The Syrian Coalition has repeatedly stated and shown that it is committed to a political solution. The regime has completely failed to engage in talks in good faith,” remarked Dr. Najib Ghadbian, the Syrian Coalition’s Special Representative to the UN. 

Joint Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi briefed the Security Council today and is expected to brief the General Assembly tomorrow. The opposition’s chief negotiator in the talks, Hadi al Bahra, is in New York this week for meetings at the UN to discuss the Coalition’s position on the continuing negotiations and what more is needed from the international community. Mr. al Bahra stated, “Today’s report by Mr. Brahimi is delivered as a brutal dictator continues to bomb and starve his own population into submission while rejecting the political transition as stipulated in the Geneva Communiqué and Security Council Resolutions.”

Since the beginning of the Geneva process, the Syrian regime has sought to undermine talks, refusing to negotiate the terms of transition or to provide relief to the 9.3 million Syrians in need of humanitarian help. Instead, it has increased the brutality of its assaults against the Syrian people — killing more than 7,000 Syrians during the first two rounds of peace talks alone, and using barrel bombs and cluster munitions with lethal consequences.

“Any future talks in Geneva will only succeed if the Syrian regime accepts the need to negotiate a political transition as laid out by the international community that fulfills the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people. We can achieve peace and democracy in Syria, free of dictatorship and terrorism, by reaching agreement on a Transitional Governing Body with full executive authority,” stated Dr. Najib Ghadbian. “It is the responsibility of the Security Council and Russia in particular to increase pressure on the regime to help make this political transition a reality.”

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