Assad Will Claim "Election" Mandate to Escalate His War of Death and Destruction

The outcome of Bashar al Assad’s sham election is not in doubt. However, potentially devastating consequences for the Syrian people loom just ahead. There is no question that Assad, backed by Russia, Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah, will claim a mandate to escalate his war of death and destruction of the Syrian people and the towns in which they live.

Even today, as some Syrians are “voting,” thousands of others are under attack by the Assad regime. “A butcher cannot become a legitimate president even if the number of ballot boxes reaches the number of the rockets that fell on the heads of the electorate,” said President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition Ahmad al Jarba in an address to the Syrian people. “Assad’s elections will fool no one, and democracy cannot be built on the skulls of babies and the remains of people’s bodies,” Jarba said.

Falsely claiming the mantle of president, Assad has plans to accelerate the annihilation of his own people. Enough Syrians have died. The killing must stop. The Syrian people need the United States, United Kingdom, France, other nations in the Friends of Syria group to firmly speak out now to warn Assad, Russia and Iran of the ramifications of his continued slaughter of the Syrian people.

“Today we call on the world, which has not done enough, to increase support,” said Jarba.


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