Damning New Evidence of Regime Barrel Bomb Attacks Underscores Need for No-Fly Zone

In response to the release of first-hand footage documenting Syrian regime responsibility for illegal barrel bomb attacks in Syria, the Special Representative of the Syrian National Coalition to the United Nations, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, issued the following statement:

“This video footage offers damning new evidence of Syrian regime culpability for the use of indiscriminate barrel bombs. Assad’s barrel bombs are a leading killer of innocent civilians and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent children and women. Yet barrel bombs are but one of the gruesome examples of the deadly impact of Assad’s aerial forces. Barrel bombs and other aerial attacks now account for than more 60 percent of all civilian deaths in the country.  These aerial attacks can and must be stopped through the imposition of a no-fly zone. 

“A safe zone would put an immediate stop to Assad’s barrel bomb attacks. It would provide protection to Syrian civilians, and prevent Assad’s aircraft and helicopters from deploying chemical weapons and barrel bombs. It would also enable the delivery of humanitarian relief to hundreds of thousands of Syrians trapped in hard-to-reach areas. The UN Security Council has repeatedly called on the Syrian regime to stop its aerial destruction and end its use of barrel bombs. Today, it is time for Member States to take the actions necessary to enforce the will of the Security Council and protect innocent civilians by enforcing a no-fly zone.”

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