Syrian Coalition calls on Security Council to impose no-fly zone after deadly barrel bomb attacks on Aleppo

On 2 June, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, the Syrian Coalition’s Special Representative to the UN, issued a letter to the Security Council calling on Member States to impose a no-fly zone after Syrian regime forces launched some of the deadliest barrel bomb attacks witnessed since the start of the Syria crisis. Following the Syrian regime's deadly aerial attacks on a heavily occupied market place in Aleppo, the death toll was reported to be at least 72, mostly civilians.

In response to the Syrian regime’s recent escalation of indiscriminate aerial attacks, Dr Ghadbian stated:

“These appalling and deadly attacks are part of the Assad regime’s ongoing strategy to terrorise Syria’s civilian population. While Assad’s helicopters and jets attack from the air, ISIL ground forces have intensified their onslaught on the ground, in particular in Aleppo. The shocking death toll from these latest attacks make clear that the regime – and its tactical partner, ISIL – continue to use indiscriminate force in the absence of viable steps by the international community to put a stop to his undeterred aerial bombardment across Syria.

“Mr de Mistura’s remarks over the weekend made clear that the regime’s use of indiscriminate aerial weapons is responsible for the overwhelming majority of civilian deaths in Syria, and that they must stop. Mr de Mistura’s condemnations must now be backed up with practical steps to put an end to the deadly barrel bomb attacks as part of a wider strategy towards a viable political solution.

“Four years into the conflict, Syrians desperately need a no-fly zone to: protect them from the regime’s aerial bombardment; alleviate human suffering by facilitating the access of urgently needed aid; and achieve a sustainable political solution by sending a strong signal to the Assad regime that its killing of civilians will not be tolerated.”

To download the full text of Dr Ghadbian’s letter to the Security Council, press here.

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