As Security Council Discusses Barrel Bombs, Syrians Demand No-Fly Zone

On Friday 26 June, Security Council members will discuss the Assad regime's indiscriminate use of aerial weapons, including barrel bombs, against civilians in Syria in an open Arria format meeting co-hosted by France and Spain.  In advance of the meeting, the Syrian National Coalition’s Special Representative to the UN, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, issued a letter to the Security Council, calling on Member States to take the action needed to stop Assad's barrel bombs, including by imposing a no-fly zone over Syria. In transmitting the letter, Dr. Ghadbian said:

"Today, Security Council members have the opportunity to stop the leading killer of Syrian civilians by enforcing Security Council resolutions 2118 and 2139 and imposing an urgently needed no-fly zone. 

"The Syrian people want and need a no-fly zone. But our appeals for protection have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears in the Security Council. Today the voices of ordinary Syrians will be heard and together, we will call on Member States to take the measures needed to ensure our people's protection.

"Over 1 million people have now joined the call for a no-fly zone over Syria. A no-fly will alleviate suffering. It will stop the primary delivery mechanism for chemical weapons. And it will lay the foundation for a political solution to the conflict. The Security Council has the legal and moral mandate needed to impose a no-fly zone. Today, Syrians ask that Member States act on this mandate and support the measures needed to save lives in our country."

To download Dr. Ghadbian's full letter to the Security Council, press here.

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