Syrian National Coalition Demands Aid Delivery at Scale

15 December 2014

In a letter to the UN Security Council submitted on Monday 15 December 2014, the Syrian National Coalition’s Special Representative to the UN, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, demanded that the UN Security Council properly enforce the mandate of UN Security Council resolution 2165 to ensure cross-border aid at scale and protect Syrians in opposition-held areas through the establishment of a safe zone.

“UN Security Council resolution 2165 promised to reach millions of Syrians.  Yet five months after its adoption, only a fraction of that number has been reached because of a lack of proper enforcement.  Effective implementation of Security Council resolution 2165 will ensure cross border delivery at scale and help improve the lives of Syrians struggling against both the brutal Assad dictatorship and vicious terrorist groups like ISIS,” stated Dr. Ghadbian.

To stop the humanitarian situation from deteriorating further, Dr. Ghadbian called on members of the Security Council to impose a safe zone. “A safe zone would save millions of lives and bring much needed security to innocent men, women and children. Syrians would find immediate relief from regime aerial strikes and attacks from terrorist extremist groups.  It would enable the consistent delivery of aid at scale across the adjacent border, and it would also create the basis for a potential peace process,” wrote Dr. Ghadbian.  

The Syrian National Coalition, and its partners on the ground including the Free Syrian Army, the Interim Government and the Assistance Coordination Unit, works to ensure the safety and security of Syrians through the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance through UN and non-UN channels.
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