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On Monday, September 9, 2013, the U.S. Congress will vote on a limited military intervention in Syria. Congress must show the world that America is not afraid to act when a brutal dictator continues to disregard U.S. warnings and defy international norms against the use of chemical weapons.  U.S. action must be decisive and strategic enough to end the war in Syria and pave the way for transition to a post-Assad future, enabling Syrians to begin the difficult and important processes of reconciliation, reconstruction, and democratization.

This is a rare occasion.  It is critically important that YOU take action and contact your Members of Congress THIS WEEK while they are in their home districts. This is a chance to not only punish Assad for using chemical weapons, but also to prevent the continued slaughter of innocent Syrian civilians, and pave the way for a political transition to democracy.

Call, email, tweet and meet with your Members of Congress TODAY and urge them to vote YES on President Obama’s request for authorization of U.S. action against the criminal Assad regime.  Here’s how:


1. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND BOTH SENATORS. Express your support for the President’s request for authorization to act against Assad.

2. WRITE THEM A LETTER.  CLICK HERE for a sample letter/email.

3. REQUEST A MEETING. Request to meet with the Congressperson and their staff in your district. CLICK HERE for a one-page leave-behind with key points.  CLICK HERE for tips and advice on meeting with your representatives.

4. WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF YOUR NEWSPAPER.  Well-written local letters have an important impact on Members of Congress and public opinion.  CLICK HERE for a guide on writing and publishing letters to the editor.

5. ORGANIZE A WATCH GATHERING TO SEE THE PRESIDENT'S SPEECH WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS. Invite your coworkers, neighbors or others who are undecided to join you in watching President Obama make the case for action with the Syrian people.


Find your Representatives' phone numbers and email contact forms here:    


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