Accountability Now: Syrian National Coalition Calls on UN High Commissioner to Publicly Name Syrian War Criminals

20 February 2015

In response to today’s release of the ninth report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, the Syrian National Coalition’s Special Representative to the UN, issued the following statement:

“Today’s report offers more proof of the deadly consequences of the Syrian regime’s systematic efforts to silence, torture, and kill anyone who dares oppose its rule.  Over the past four years, the Syrian National Coalition has warned the world that the Syrian regime’s deadly attacks against civilians are conducted as a matter of State policy; today, the independent Commission of Inquiry confirmed it.

There can no longer be any question: the Syrian regime must be brought to justice for its war crimes and crimes against humanity. Its brutality in suppressing democratic dissent has bred the horrors that we witness today across Syria, including in the form of ISIL. Assad’s savageness and cruelty demand a comprehensive international response, that will stop both ISIL’s terror and tackle its root cause: Assad.

The Syrian National Coalition fully supports the decision of the independent Commission of Inquiry to publish the names of alleged war crimes perpetrators and to deliver those names to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. On behalf of the people of Syria, we ask the UN High Commissioner to take two further steps. First, ensure that the European Union has access to the names so that it can update its extensive sanctions. Second, make these names public. It is time to end the culture of impunity in Syria, and be absolutely clear that there will be accountability for brutality and savagery.”

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