On Anniversary of Chemical Weapons Attacks, Syrian National Coalition Demands Justice and Protection

Two years ago today, Assad’s forces deliberately gassed almost 1,500 people to death, including 426 children, using the chemical weapon Sarin.  In commemorating the 2nd anniversary of this devastating atrocity, the Syrian National Coalition’s Special Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, extended his condolences to the families of those killed, and appealed to the international community to secure justice for the victims and protection for all Syrians, saying:

“Two years ago, nearly 1,500 Syrians were gassed to death by the brutal Assad regime in one of the most vicious attacks of the Syrian crisis.  Today, we remember the victims of those chemical attacks, and appeal for justice on their behalf. Accountability is needed both to bring justice for the victims of Assad’s atrocities and to deter future crimes.

“For too many Syrians, fear of Assad’s toxic chemicals remains a daily reality.  Since the Sarin attacks on eastern Ghouta more than two years ago, Assad’s forces have repeatedly and systematically deployed chemical agents, including chlorine gas, to terrorize and kill Syrian civilians. Heroic rescue workers and medics have responded to more than 46 separate incidents of reported chemical weapons use, most often from chlorine dropped from indiscriminate barrel bombs.  These attacks can and must be stopped.

“The Syrian National Coalition joins the Syrian people's calls for clear skies over Syria, and demands the measures needed to stop Assad’s deadly barrel bombs, which are by far the leading killer of Syrian civilians. A no-fly zone would prevent indiscriminate aerial bombardment like the attack that killed more than 111 at a Douma marketplace on 16 August. And it would stop the primary vehicle for chemical weapons deployment: Assad’s helicopters.

“Two years after the chemical attacks on Ghouta, the time for impunity is over. Syrians can no longer afford global inaction. Neither can the international community - the crisis in Syria is a grave threat to global security. We need accountability for the attacks in Ghouta and the many other heinous war crimes committed daily by the Assad regime. And we must have immediate protection for our people.”

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