Advice For Jobseekers

Advice for Job Seekers in the United States

 Do your research:

If you have found a posting for a job you are interested in, research the organization, the office, and the role that you would be filling there. Make sure that you understand the context of the job—the same job title may mean different things based on the section of the organization you are working for. Where is the job? What kind of organization is it? Try to find a staffing chart to see who you are addressing in your application and who you will report to.

Update Your Resume/CV for every job you apply to: You should routinely update your resume for changes in jobs and education but also reformat it for the job you are applying to specifically. Be sure to include only relevant skills and experience. 

  • Have a native speaker proof your resume for idiomatic expressions.
  • Re-read your resume before sending it out. 


  • Resumes in the US are limited to 1-2 pages, unless you are applying for a job in a specific field (medical, scientific, academic) that requires a longer CV.
  • Use a template with bullet points. Resumes should read like a list, not an essay.
  • Put what you want to emphasize first.
  • Include what is relevant. This can be employment and education, but it could also mean special skills (i.e.: programming, video production, language), and volunteer experience.
  • Have translated copies of any degrees/transcripts from universities.
  • Have references prepared. If your previous employers do not speak English, have a translated letter of recommendation prepared and be ready to explain the situation.


  • Do not write in a narrative in paragraphs. Resumes should read like a list, not an essay.
  • Do not include your marital status, religion, or number of children. If it is not directly related to your work, it should not be on your resume.
  • Do not include photos of yourself unless they are explicitly requested by the prospective employer.
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